International Insurance

For the safety of its students, the University of Illinois requires that all students participating in a study abroad program have International Insurance.

Health, Medical Emergency, & Repatriation Insurance

Because most U.S. health insurance carriers do not adequately cover the range of issues facing students who study abroad, the University of Illinois has selected an international health insurance provider and negotiated rates for all its student abroad students.

The University of Illinois requires that all study abroad students purchase International Insurance coverage through the Office of International Safety and Security. As a study abroad program participant (either semester, year, or faculty-led), you will be enrolled in International Insurance automatically, and the insurance premium will be added to your Study Abroad Program Fee. For more information, you may view complete copies of the explanation of benefits and insurance claims form online.

International Insurance Policy Brochure, ID Card, & Claims Form

You will receive your consulate letter, ID card, policy brochure and claims form electronically via email. These materials will explain the coverage, exemptions, and services you will receive through International Insurance. You can find your International Insurance insurance policy number and Participant ID number on the front of your insurance card. We suggest that you print out a copy prior to your departure.

Portal & Webcorp AXA Assistance App

At no additional cost, a comprehensive online portal of tools and information as well as access to 24/7 medical, travel, and technical support through a smartphone application (titled: “Webcorp AXA Assistance”) is available. Instructions for the application download are available here.

Using International Insurance

If you require medical attention while abroad, contact ACE Travel Assist for a referral at the telephone number or email address listed on the front of your insurance card or use the doctor or hospital of your choice. In the event of a medical emergency, call ACE Travel Assist at 1-855-327-1414 if within the U.S., or call 1-630-694-9764 if outside the U.S. (collect calls are accepted) or email. It is advisable to use a phone card when calling our International Insurance provider outside of the U.S.

Many hospitals or medical centers may require payment at the time of service. If this occurs, you will be responsible for contacting International Insurance for reimbursement. You must contact International Insurance directly for any claims for medical expenses. If you are hospitalized, please contact ACE Travel Assist at the above numbers so that they may contact the hospital on your behalf and try to arrange for direct payment.

Arriving Early or Extending Your Stay

If you are arriving early or extending your stay abroad after the completion of your program, you are strongly urged to purchase additional health insurance coverage. You may purchase one additional month of coverage directly from International Insurance. Visit the International Insurance website for more information about purchasing coverage for an extended stay.

U.S.-Based Insurance

You are currently covered by health insurance either through the University of Illinois Student Health Insurance Plan or by your family's plan (if you previously exempted out of the Illinois Student Plan). We urge you to continue carrying your U.S.-based coverage while you are abroad.

Questions about International Insurance and Emergency Assistance

24/7 emergency assistance while abroad, general assitance, or questions about benefits should be directed to ACE Travel Assist.

Theft, Trip Cancellation, & Other Insurance

We recommend that you consider buying supplemental insurance coverage addressing trip interruption or cancellation and theft. These may be two different insurance policies. You can search for these policies through your personal travel agent or online. Sometimes the credit card with which you purchase airline tickets will provide some coverage.

If you would like to protect your personal items while studying abroad, you may purchase additional Personal Property and Personal Liability.

For questions regarding this coverage, please contact the Coordinator for International Safety and Security at 217-333-1216 or by email.