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Helpful Resources

Resource Room

Visit the Study Abroad Office Resource Room (room 112, International Studies Building) for the most comprehensive source of study abroad reference material on campus. There is always someone in the Resource Room available to answer questions and help you with your research. Below is a list of a few of our resources.

Online Program Listing

Browse more than 400 study abroad opportunities within our online program listing.

Course Approval Database

This database, which is available online and in the Study Abroad Office Resource Room, lists courses that University of Illinois students have taken abroad and the credit they received. You are not limited to the courses listed in this database as students add to the database every semester with new courses taken at new programs. It is simply a helpful tool for students to browse what courses have been previously approved. Come to the Study Abroad Office Resource Room if you would like one-on-one assistance in using the database.

Study Abroad Program Brochures

Several programs offer informative material and program details in print publications. Visit the Resource Room to pick up whatever is available.

Student Peer Advisors

In addition to our full-time staff, recent study abroad returnees are available in the Resource Room to assist you with your questions and guide you through the available resources. Peer Advisors are a great source of information and experience, so take advantage of their advice and knowledge. View the peer advisor schedule to see when they are available.

Returnee Program Evaluations

Read about the experiences of University of Illinois students who have already studied abroad. These evaluations, located in the Resource Room, allow you to read former study abroad students’ impressions of specific programs, classes, costs, recommendations and more.

Contact Former Study Abroad Students

Browse a list of Illinois students who have studied abroad or, more specifically, studied through your program of interest and are willing to help answer your questions.

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