Withdrawing from a Program

Take note of how you will be charged for withdrawing from a program.

Withdrawal Policy

You will be directed to read the withdraw policy multiple times throughout the application cycle. It is important to understand the policy before committing to a study abroad program. Withdrawing from a program after committing will have financial consequences.

Withdrawal Prior to Application Deadline

You can log into your My Study Abroad account, click the “Withdraw” button located next to the application you wish to withdraw, and provide the reason for why you are withdrawing. Other than the non-refundable $100 Study Abroad Systems fee, there are no financial obligations for withdrawing prior to the application deadline.

Withdrawal After Committing

If you withdraw from an IAGE-sponsored program, you must notify us by email. If you are committed to a provider program, then you must notify us and the program provider of your decision to withdraw. The official withdrawal date is the date we receive the e-mail notification and the withdraw fees (see table below) will be calculated from that date. If a balance is due at the time of withdrawal, that amount must be paid to Illinois according to USFSCO established policies. Failure to pay withdrawal fees will cause a financial hold on your student account. A financial hold could prevent future course enrollment, graduation, or release of transcripts.

Withdrawal Fees

The withdrawal fees listed below are for programs that begin during or after Summer 2018. If you are applying, or have applied, for a Spring 2018 program, please refer to the materials on your application regarding the current withdrawal fees.

Withdrawal Period

Amount Due

46 days or more before program start date

$300 Withdrawal fee

45-31 days before program start date

$300 Withdrawal fee or 25% of all IAGE billable costs, whichever is greater

30-15 days before program start date

$300 Withdrawal fee or 50% of all IAGE billable costs, whichever is greater

14 days or less before program start date

$300 Withdrawal fee or 75% of all IAGE billable costs, whichever is greater

Program start date and after

100% of all IAGE billable costs

Important note: If you are participating in a program in which a provider or direct enroll institution is billing you directly, there may be additional fees related to withdrawing from the program that you will be responsible for paying to the provider or institution.

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