We are committed to providing high-quality advising and resources to all students.

Advising Overview

Our staff believes that education abroad is a transformational experience that contributes positively to student learning and development as well as fosters an institutional culture that promotes global understanding and appreciation. Our staff approaches advising as a collaborative process in which you are responsible for being an active, reflective, and educated participant in your education abroad experience. Our staff will provide professional, inclusive guidance and resources throughout the entirety of your education abroad experience. We ground our advising practices in the Forum Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad.

You can expect us to:

  • Keep our appointments with you (or have staff email you to cancel or reschedule)
  • Be an accessible resource, advocate, and mentor throughout the entirety of the process
  • Encourage you to define your study abroad goals and assist you in identifying a program that meets those goals
  • Connect you to tools and resources for integrating your education abroad experience into your degree plan at Illinois and encourage you to discuss your plans with your academic advisor
  • Listen without prejudice, provide accurate information, and refer you to colleagues, partners, or other resources for additional information

We expect you to:

  • Make and keep appointments (or email/call to cancel or reschedule when necessary)
  • Prepare for appointments by reviewing our website, researching programs, and write down questions you may have in advance
  • Keep track of important dates and deadlines pertaining to your program
  • Carefully read and save all emails and program materials regarding your program and actively participate in all required meetings
  • Respond to all emails and phone calls in a prompt and professional manner
  • Work directly with us on all program-related questions, inform your family and friends of your decisions, and share any helpful information about your program: learn more about IAGE’s approach to family and friends
  • Seek guidance and resources for any challenges or concerns that may arise throughout the process

Advising Process

Step One: Visit the Advising & Resource Center

Our Advising and Resource Center (112 International Studies Building) is staffed by Program Assistants who are students who have studied abroad on one or more Illinois-sponsored programs. Program Assistants can help you:

Walk-in hours can be found on the Info Sessions, Workshops, and Deadlines Calendar.

Step Two: Schedule an Appointment

Once you have chosen a region or country, schedule an appointment with an Education Abroad Coordinator for more specialized advising. Each Coordinator is assigned to a portfolio of programs located in different regions of the world. Our Education Abroad Coordinators can:

Before you schedule an appointment with an Education Abroad Coordinator, you should first meet with a Program Assistant or attend a First Steps Workshop and fill out your online profile in My Study Abroad.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Make sure to select the appropriate Coordinator based upon their regional portfolios and follow the instructions provided for scheduling your appointment online. Please provide a clear explanation of which program/countries you are interested in and what you hope to accomplish during the appointment. The more detailed information you can provide, the better we will be able to support you. Same day appointments are not guaranteed.


If you cannot keep your appointment, please cancel it in your My Study Abroad account at least four hours in advance.

Find your Advisor

The following staff advise on IAGE-sponsored programs only. For advising on college-sponsored programs, vist this page to find your college study abroad office's website and contact information.

Africa, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, & Middle East

Lauren Hann is the advisor for IAGE programs in:

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Andy Hinnant is the advisor for IAGE programs in:

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Mike Nelson is the advisor for IAGE programs in:

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Spain & Latin America

Clair Bryan is the advisor for IAGE programs in:

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Rome, Italy

Stacy Billman is the advisor for the IAGE program with Gustolab International in Rome, Italy.

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