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Program FAQ

With more than 400 programs to choose from, deciding on the right study abroad program takes research, time and reflection. When considering which program to choose, keep the following questions and the corresponding answers in mind to help narrow your decisions.

Who runs or sponsors the program?

The University of Illinois offers a large array of study abroad programs sponsored or organized by a variety of departments and offices. For example, the program could be administered by the Study Abroad Office, individual colleges, such as Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences, Business, International Programs in Engineering (IPENG), or individual departments, including Architecture and many language departments. Finding out who runs the program will help you investigate the program in more detail. When searching programs, you will be able to tell what campus unit sponsors the program by its title.

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How many courses/credit hours do I need to take in order to maintain my full time student status?

Every college has different regulations about the number of credits you should take while in a study abroad program, so be conscious of these. Depending on your curriculum and your graduation plans, you may need to take more or less hours during your time abroad. Talk to your Academic Advisor to know what the requirements are for your major and college. If you receive financial aid, some loans, grants or scholarships might have different regulations. Check with the Financial Aid Office for more information.

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How will I get the courses approved for University of Illinois credit?

Prior to leaving for your study abroad program, it's important to consider what courses will earn University of Illinois credit. After checking the Study Abroad Office Resource Room's database of previously approved courses for credit, fill out the Course Approval Forms. Feel free to come in or call the Resource Room if you have any questions throughout this process.

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What is the program fee? What does it include? What are the additional estimated costs?

Understanding your finances and the costs of the program is important. Maintaining a budget and remaining conscious of what you'll be spending will help you manage your money during your time abroad, allowing you to enjoy your stay. You should also keep in mind pre-departure costs, such as passports, visas, and airfare. For more information on program costs, please visit our Costs section. Specific information for each program can be found by locating your program of interest in our Program Search. Once on the specific program's page, click on the link for "Budget Sheet."

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Will your financial aid apply to study abroad?

The programs listed on this site have been approved by the University of Illinois, which allows most financial aid to apply to study abroad. Read more about Financial Aid in our Financing section.

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What is the academic calendar like? What are the start and end dates for the program?

Knowing as much as you can about your academic life abroad will help you adjust and prepare for the differences compared to your academic program in the U.S. The start and end dates of the program will help determine the dates of your travel, as well as help you plan any optional traveling. The specific start and end dates can be found by locating your program of interest in our Program Search. Once on the specific program's page, look at the bottom of the page for dates.

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How and when will the study abroad program fit into your curriculum (electives, advanced hours, core courses, etc.)?

Consulting your study abroad and academic advisors is vital to choosing the right courses for your study abroad term. Talk with them about what courses you can take abroad and how these will fit into your academic plan. Different programs and colleges have varying rules about credit earned abroad in relation to electives, advanced hours, and courses in your major.

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