Types of Illinois Programs

IAGE offers a variety of program types for students to choose from.

New Zealand

Exchange Program

A program involving reciprocal movement of students between institutions.*

Direct Enroll Program

Study at an overseas university without the assistance of external offices such as those of a program provider.*

Provider Program

An institution or organization that offers education abroad program services to students from a variety of institutions. A program provider may be a college or university, a nonprofit organization, a for-profit business, or a consortium.*

Customized Short-Term Program

A study abroad program directed by a faculty member (or members) from the home campus who accompanies students abroad. Usually, though not always, brief in duration.*

Signature Program

IAGE’s signature programs are constructed in close collaboration with the overseas institution, including having the ability to help develop and customize the curriculum offered to our students. These programs also offer robust on-site support.

*Definition via the Forum on Education Abroad.