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Illinois Centers for Global Learning and Engagement

Located in various countries around the world, Illinois Centers for Global Learning and Engagement represent the premier sites for study abroad developed by the University of Illinois over the past forty years. At each Center, you encounter a personalized and guided learning experience introducing you to new languages, cultures, and academic areas.

Credits earned at each Center are recognized fully by the University of Illinois making it easy for you to graduate on schedule. Each site also has an Illinois Resident Director available to assist you and facilitate your learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Centers often work with local universities and other institutions and boast among the most experienced faculty and staff available to Illinois students abroad.

Centers provide multiple pathways for students to engage with local communities and peoples including, in many cases, projects linking the classroom and the neighborhood, homestays, participation in local student clubs, and service learning, among others. In addition to presenting different cultural areas, Centers often focus on specific themes linked to students' majors or minors.

Illinois Centers for Global Learning & Engagement are located in:

Illinois Center for Global Learning & Engagement in Vienna, Austria

This Center in Vienna supports three academic pathways. One pathway, the Austria-Illinois Exchange Program (AIEP), includes core courses in Austrian/German language, literature, and culture and features elective courses (ranging from accounting to zoology) taught at Vienna consortium partner universities.

The second pathway, Vienna Diplomatic Program (VDP), features a core course (Political Science 393: Diplomatic Studies Practicum), supplemented with up to four elective courses. This pathway is intended for students interested in international organizations and diplomacy.

The third pathway, the Business Undergraduate Exchange Program, is designed for College of Business majors and partners with the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (WU Wien).

Illinois Center for Global Learning & Engagement in Leuven, Belgium

The social science focus of the Center in Leuven, Belgium, allows for European and Illinois students to explore the social and demographic transitions that accompany and underpin globalization. To complement the core course on family dynamics and social change, students select courses from several specific academic pathways (including Sociology & Policy, Anthropology, and Political Science & Governance) or self-design a multidisciplinary academic pathway in other academic areas (including Business, Communications, Psychology, etc.). For additional information, see Brochure Page.

Illinois Center for Global Learning & Engagement in San Joaquin, Costa Rica

Ideal for intimate Spanish language learning at varying skill levels, the Center in San Joaquin, Costa Rica, provides Illinois students the opportunity to live with Costa Rican families and to take courses applicable to the Spanish major/minor. All courses are pre-approved for UIUC Spanish credit. A key course, Conversation: Community-based Learning, allows for classroom-based learning covering topics of grammar, vocabulary, and practical strategies to improve oral communication in Spanish. During the community-based portion, students volunteer at various organizations around San Joaquin or surrounding communities. For additional informaiton, see Brochure Page.

Illinois Center for Global Learning & Engagement in Quito, Ecuador

The Center in Quito, Ecuador, offers students the opportunity to study a full range of academic areas (including Engineering, Psychology, Art History, Biology, International Studies, and Spanish, among others) alongside Ecuadorian students at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Students live with homestay families and have the option to pursue volunteer opportunities with organizations dealing with issues of environmental protection, women's shelters, orphanages, retirement homes, public schools, and public hospitals. For additional information, see Brochure Page.

Illinois Center for Global Learning & Engagement in Paris, France

The Center in Paris, France - the Illinois Program in Paris (IPP) - promotes the intellectual and social growth of undergraduates, from beginning to advanced students of French. IPP offers courses in French language, culture, literature, history, gender studies, film studies, international relations, etc. Most are offered at the Institut Catholique de Paris. Additional courses are designed and taught by French faculty hired by the IPP Resident Director. Students may go for a semester or for the academic year.

Students on the IPP may do an internship for academic credit or a service learning experience. A staff member identifies these opportunities for students.

More advanced students with excellent academic records may apply to participate in the University of Illinois exchange with Sciences-politiques, a prestigious school for the study of economic, political, and social sciences. Courses are offered in French or English.

A new exchange with Universite Paris VII/Diderot allows advanced students to take courses in a variety of subjects alongside French students. This university offers courses in all the major disiciplines in French; courses in American and British literature and culture are offered in English. Students who go to Paris for the full academic year may take courses at both the Institut Catholique and the Universite Paris VII/Diderot.

IPP offers an extensive variety of cultural experiences that reflect the rich artistic life of Paris. Excursions are planned during the academic year. During vacations students have the opportunity to travel around Europe. Students may choose a homestay, dormitory, demi-au pair, or independent housing. For additional information, see Brochure Page.

Illinois Center for Global Learning & Engagement in Rome, Italy

The aim of the Center in Rome, Italy, is to provide students with a unique opportunity to learn about the history, culture, production, on-site marketing, and consumption of Italian food and wine (Food and Culture course).

This program is designed and managed by Gustolab Institute. The Gustolab Institute is the first academic center based in Rome dedicated to Food Studies. The critical study of all facets of food is supplemented with courses on the sociological foundations of contemporary Italy (Contemporary Italian Society Course) and trends in food communication through a variety of media (Food and Media Course). As part of the Food and Media course, students have the opportunity to work with professionals in the field to produce a short documentary about critical food issues and Italian society.

To promote a deeper understanding of the Italian culture, students improve their Italian language skills. Gustolab Institute works with the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci. The Scuola Leonardo da Vinci provides courses in Italian language (all levels are provided) and Roman art and architecture (Layers of Rome Course). All language courses are based on active participation and practical communication in Italian. For additional information, see Brochure Page.

Illinois Center for Global Learning & Engagement in Verona, Italy

The Center in Verona, Italy, provides participants with an understanding of contemporary Italian language and the fine arts. Instruction at Centro Studi IDEA Verona begins with a focus on an Italian language course that is geared to help students communicate and read in basic Italian. Thereafter, students supplement the Italian langauge course with a selection of electives that include Art History, Business, Photography, Painting, Cinema Film History, History of Italian Theatre, Italian Literature, and Italian Opera. For additional information, see Brochure Page.

Illinois Center for Global Learning & Engagement in Kobe, Japan

The Year in Japan program, one of our choice Illinois Centers for Global Learning & Engagement, is an intensive Japanese language and study abroad program sponsored by the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures. Based in Kobe, Japan, students will live with a host family, socialize with Japanese students and explore the nation's natural and cultural wonders, while taking courses that give full UIUC academic credits. Course offerings include intensive Japanese language and two course in Japanese area studies taught in English covering such topics as history, sociology, anthropology, business, religion, literature, and economics. Classroom instruction is supplemented by three field trips (two to three days) that explore the rich cultural and historic heritage. Students are eligible for scholarships offered through the program such as JASSO and HUMAP. A wide variety of additional scholarships for study in Japan are also available. For additional information, see Brochure Page.

Illinois Center for Global Learning & Engagement in Barcelona, Spain

The Center in Barcelona, Spain, is a year-long intensive language program that was founded in 1971. This program appeals to many majors in addition to Spanish majors (Anthropology, Economics, Latin American Studies, History, Political Science, Sociology, etc.) At the University of Barcelona, students begin with an Intensive Language Program (ILP) that includes grammar review, conversation, contemporary history, and culture of Spain, along with an introduction to Catalan. After the ILP, the core curriculum begins with courses that have been pre-approved for Illinois Spanish credit. A unique opportunity for qualified students is the opportunity to intern in a broad range of fields, including law, business, health, and film. For additional information, see Brochure Page.

Illinois Center for Global Learning & Engagement in Bilbao, Spain

The Center in Bilbao, Spain, provides two academic pathways. Academic year, fall semester, or spring students participate in the Humanities Pathway, which entails courses in Spanish language and culture at Cursos Internacionales Duesto de Espanol (CIDE). Students studying in the spring semester also have the option of directly enrolling at the Universidad de Deusto. Summer students may choose from the Humanities Pathway or the Business Pathway. The Business Pathway features the following courses: International Business, Society and Economy in Contemporary Spain, and Spanish for Business and International Relations. For additional information, see Brochure Page.

Illinois Center for Global Learning & Engagement in Granada, Spain

The Center in Granada, Spain, offers the widest variety of Spanish language courses, ranging from Spanish literature and linguistics to Art History and Arabic-Islamic Cultural Studies. Students take their courses at the Centro Granadí de Espanol (CEGRI) and live with homestay families. In addition, spring semester students have the opportunity to directly enroll at the University of Granada. For additional information, see Brochure Page.

Illinois Center for Global Learning & Engagement in Multiple Sites, United Kingdom & Ireland

The Center in the United Kingdom and Ireland offers one of the most diverse range of options for study in Europe. All programs within the Center in the UK and Ireland involve direct enrollment at a prestigious unviersity in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.

The British Exchange Program (BEP) includes 13 universities throughout England, Scotland, and Wales. The BEP offers Illinois students an affordable way to spend a semester or a year in Europe with the opportunity to fulfill graduation requirements with coursework within a major. Participants in the BEP enjoy the benefits of direct enrollment at a British university, taking classes with local students, living in student housing with other British and international students, and having access to all the amenities and programs offered at the host university.

For additional information see the Brochure Pages:

In addition to the BEP, the Center in the UK and Ireland offeres the following specialized options. For additional information, see Brochure Pages:

Opening in Spring 2013: Illinois Center for Global Learning & Engagement in Taipei, Taiwan

The Center in Taipei, Taiwan is under development. The aim of this Center is to provide students with the opportunity to engage in the landscapes and with the people of Taiwan while exploring the relationships between the built environment and human health. This program hopes to attract students from a variety of disciplines including, but not limited to, Landscape Architecture, Horticulture, Urban Planning, Applied Health Sciences, Social Work, Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences, Architecture, Earth, Society, & Environment, Community Health, and Recreation, Sports, & Tourism. The Brochure Page is currently under development.

Under development: Illinois Center for Global Learning & Engagement in Stockholm, Sweden

The Center in Stockholm, Sweden draws on the resources of three of Sweden's top universities, The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, and Karolinska University. Please check back soon for more information.

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