University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Developing a Program

We are available to assist you in developing a faculty-led study abroad program.

Initial Considerations for Program Leaders

We have complied a list of first steps that we recommend you take when planning a Faculty-Led Program. The document below also contains a list of important dates and a timeline to help facilitate a smooth planning process.

How to Propose a Program

Proposals for faculty-led programs must be submitted 8-12 months in advance. Selection criteria includes:

  • Uniqueness of proposed program (destination, discipline, content, etc.)
  • Projected ability to attract students
  • Accessibility to students (cost, interdisciplinary, eligibility, etc.)
  • Likelihood of program being offered repeatedly
  • Field site engagement model facilitating on-site learning and interaction with the local community
  • Integration of intercultural learning with academic content
  • Alignment of proposed program with the global priorities of departments, colleges, and the university

By completing the information requested in the link below, you are submitting a proposal for a faculty-led program whose development and administration is fully assisted by staff in Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange (IAGE). You propose the study content, syllabus, and program itinerary and we will work alongside you on overall development and administration of the program. These courses are, in effect, co-sponsored by IAGE and the academic department and/or college issuing credit.

Important note: We will accept proposals from faculty who are willing to partner with either Customized Education Programs Abroad (CEPA) or Academic Experiences Abroad (AEA).

Once you have submitted the information requested, the proposal will be sent to the sponsoring department chair and sponsoring college dean to review and approve. A designated committee in IAGE will meet to review various factors of the program and a decision will be reached on whether or not your program will be moved to the next stage of recruitment and development.

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