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Global Classroom FAQs

How do I learn more?

We will offer an information session with faculty who have or are currently running a Global Classroom to share their experiences. Date is TBD.

Do I need an international partner?

It is helpful if you already have a relationship with someone who teaches in your area, however, there are resources to help us connect with those faculty if connections do not already exist. We hope to have more capacity to assist with matching interested faculty in the future as our infrastructure develops.

How does this benefit our department?

Global Classrooms is not merely an exchange program between people of different cultures. It is rather an opportunity for both faculty and students to collaborate on projects across institutional practices and structures.

Our mission aims to create a community of participants and a collaborative space in which to share projects and ideas. You will be in contact not just with your international partner, but with other faculty in different stages of the Global Classrooms process, from a variety of disciplines.

What kind of technology do I need to use and what tech support will be available to me and my teaching partner?

Global Classrooms are aimed at supporting you as an instructor to structure collaborative international learning experiences, facilitated by technology, between your students and students from international partner institutions. The variety of technology and software that can be used is not endless, but there are a variety of solutions that can be used to account for differences in accessibility, infrastructure in your partnering country or institution, and time zone differences. We have many options to work with!