College of Fine & Applied Arts

Important information:
• Completion of the Course Approval Summary Form is required before departure.
• All courses taken abroad must be approved.
• Submit the Course Approval Summary Form to: FAA Academic Affairs Office - Room 110, Architecture Building.

This webpage is for students enrolled in the College of Fine and Applied Arts that are studying abroad on a pre-approved program. To be considered a full-time Illinois student and qualify for financial aid, you must be enrolled in the minimum full-time academic load as defined by your host institution and complete 12 or more Illinois credit hours abroad. Students who receive the Monetary Award Program (MAP Grant) from the state of Illinois, are required to complete the equivalent of 15 Illinois credits.

Before you meet with your Academic Advisor, please find information on course offerings for your particular term(s) abroad on the host institution’s website, My Study Abroad, a course catalogue or a combination of these resources.

Course Approval Instructions

Fill out the information that is requested on the top portion of the Course Approval Summary Form. It is your responsibility, as the student, to neatly and accurately print this information (it is not the responsibility of Illinois Abroad & Global Exchange or your academic advisor).

Instructions for Columns

Follow the instructions in order.

Completed by the student

List the titles of the courses offered at the institution abroad. List the courses in the exact wording used by the host institution. It is important to list the subject and number of the course abroad (i.e. AUST 2022 Australian Studies).

Completed by the student

Check the Course Approval Database to see if your courses have received previous approval.

  • If the course has already been approved, print it out, mark “Y” in Column #2, and attach the printout to the Course Approval Summary Form.
  • If the course is not in the Course Approval Database, or you wish to seek approval in a subject area other than what is already approved, mark “N” in Column #2.

Completed by the student

When registering at the host institution abroad, you must take all of the courses for a grade. However, in column #3 you can specify if the credit and the letter grade will appear on your Illinois record or if you want to transfer the earned credit only (CR). Consult with your Academic Advisor to fill in G (Grade) or CR/NC (Credit/No Credit). A minimum converted grade of C-minus is needed to receive credit using CR/NC option. You should select the credit and grade option or the earned credit only option for each individual course.

In FAA, courses not taken for a grade will only count for elective credit. Courses taken for a grade will count in the student’s Illinois cumulative grade point average. Students may not change their credit declaration post-departure for their program. In exceptional cases, however, students do have the right to petition their college for a change.

For courses found in the Course Approval Database

The student’s Academic Advisor should enter the Illinois subject and number/level from the Course Approval Database printout provided by the student. Skip column numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8 and enter the appropriate information into Column #9. Then the Course Approval Database printout should be attached to the Course Approval Summary Form.

For courses not found in the Course Approval Database

  • If the courses are in FAA subject areas, Columns #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, and #9 are completed by student’s Academic Advisor.
  • If student is planning to take courses in the subject areas other than FAA, Columns #4-8 for those courses should be filled out by the Study Abroad Course (299) Advisor in the corresponding subject area.
  • If a Study Abroad Course (299) Advisor approves the course, please enter the Illinois subject and number/level. If the course has a direct Illinois equivalency, enter Illinois subject and number (e.g., SPAN 210). If the course is acceptable as college-level transfer work in your department, enter Illinois subject and level (e.g., SPAN 2--).

Completed by Academic Advisor or Study Abroad Course (299) Advisor

If you approve the course, please enter “Y” in the box.

Completed by Academic Advisor or Study Abroad Course (299) Advisor

If you do not approve the course, please enter “N” in the box. The Office of the Registrar will process credit recommendations for non-approved courses taken abroad by identifying these courses as non-transferable course work. The non-transferable course work will not show on the student’s Illinois transcript.

Completed by Academic Advisor or Study Abroad Course (299) Advisor

Please print and sign your name. For a more detailed explanation use the “Comments” area either on the front or back of the Course Approval Summary Form.

Completed by Academic Advisor or Study Abroad Course (299) Advisor

If you approve this course to be added to the Course Approval Database, please enter “Y” in the box. Enter “N” if you do not recommend the course to be added.

You can approve courses for individual students but opt not to add the course to the Course Approval Database if you would prefer to review the course on a case-by-case basis.

Completed by Academic Advisor

Please indicate what this course will be considered for upon the student’s return by using the following guide:

  • H: Humanities and the Arts
  • N: Non-Western Cultural Studies
  • NSc: Natural Sciences
  • OE: Open Elective Credit
  • RC: Required Core Course
  • RS: Required in Secondary Field
  • S: Social Sciences
  • TE: Technical Elective
  • W: Western Cultural Studies

Comment section: use of this section is to be determined by Advisors or College Office.

Academic Advisor: must have both the printed name and the signature.

Student signature: the Course Approval Summary Form will not be considered complete without your (the student’s) signature.

Completed Course Approval Summary Form signed by the student and Academic Advisor should be brought to 110 Architecture Building for final approval and signature.

Important Information

If you change your course plan after you arrive at the host institution, please notify the College of FAA Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs at (217) 333-6061, FAX: (217) 333-2154,

You must obtain approvals for all courses taken abroad. If the courses that were pre-approved do not match the courses actually taken abroad, you must obtain approval for all additional courses upon your return.

Upon your return to Illinois, you also must be prepared to provide an appropriate record of the course work, such as a course syllabus, detailed outline, portfolio, samples of work, etc. A course content review, portfolio review, or language proficiency review may be required in order to receive final course credit in some programs.

Please consult your Academic Advisor during your first or second year regarding the timing of your study abroad experience. The College of Fine and Applied Arts encourages students to take advantage of study abroad opportunities; however, some FAA programs require students to complete upper level core courses in residence on campus. If you do receive approval for senior year study abroad, be aware that waiting until your senior year to study abroad may cause considerable delay in the receipt of your diploma for the following reasons:

  • Senior students often return expecting immediate resolution of their activities abroad so that they can be assured to graduate on their expected schedule. However, students will not receive credit for study abroad until Illinois receives a transcript from the host institution.
  • Many institutions abroad routinely take a very long time to send a transcript.
  • Study abroad in the Fall semester of your senior year may result in the Fall semester credit being unresolved prior to the student participating in the Spring semester. There have been instances when the Fall semester transcript has not arrived by May.
  • If the student studies abroad during their last semester, they should anticipate a considerable delay in the certification of their degrees.