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School of Social Work

Important information:
• Completion of the Course Approval Summary Form is required before departure.
• Grading options must be decided by mid-term.
• All courses taken abroad must be approved.
• Submit the Course Approval Summary Form to: 1010 W Nevada St, Room 2000.

If you are submitting your Course Approval Summary Form during the Fall 2020 semester, scan and send one email and include both Aaron Surratt at and Erin Cockrum at

This webpage is for students enrolled in the School of Social Work that are studying abroad on a pre-approved program. To be considered a full-time Illinois student and qualify for financial aid, you must be enrolled in the minimum full-time academic load as defined by your host institution and complete 12 or more Illinois credit hours abroad. Students who receive the Monetary Award Program (MAP Grant) from the state of Illinois, are required to complete the equivalent of 15 Illinois credits.

Course Approval Instructions

Student Pre-Departure Responsibility

  • Complete the Course Approval Summary Form by filling out the top portion of the form, making sure it is legible
  • Prior to meeting with the advisor complete Column #1 and Column #2.
    • Complete Column #1 – Subject/Number and Title of Couse Abroad
      You can use the Study Abroad Office website, on the host institution’s website, course catalogue, etc. List the courses EXACTLY how you find them titled.
    • Complete Column #2 – Course in database Y/N
      Check the Course Approval Database to see if your courses have received previous approval. If the course has been approved, place a “Y” in the column 2 box, and attach the printout to the Course Approval Summary Form. If the course has NOT been approved, place a “N” in the column 2 box, and seek approval from the School of Social Work.
  • Obtain the Academic Advisor’s Signature - Once the form has been fully completed by the student, they can arrange an appointment with the School of Social Work academic advisor to review and obtain their signature.
  • Student Signature - Be sure to double check that you have signed the form.
  • College Approval - Once you have met with the School of Social Work academic advisor, please leave the form for the School of Social Work Admissions and Records Supervisor for the college-approval signature. The college will keep a copy of the Course Summary Form and give you the original.

Advisor Responsibility

Grade or CR/NC

Illinois subject and number/level

Please remember to put a "Y" if you approve the course.

Please remember to put an "N" if the course is not approved.

Approver's signature and printed name.

If you approve this course to be added to the Course Approval Database, please enter “Y” in the box. Enter “N” if you do not recommend the course to be added.

Use of Credit

Please indicate what this course will be considered upon the student’s return by using the following guide:

  • E: Elective Credit
  • GE: General Education
  • MJ: Major
  • MI: Minor
  • CR: Correlate
  • CN: Concentration

Please add any additional comments you wish to communicate in this space.

Notes for Social Work Course Approvals

If your course is under Social Work, then the Social Work Advisor will complete steps 5 – 8. If the course is under another department, you will need to work directly with that department for approval.