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The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign are committed to providing high-quality advising and resources to all students. Our advising practices are grounded in the Forum Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad.

Advising Overview

Staff approaches advising as a collaborative process in which you are responsible for being an active, reflective, and educated participant in your education abroad experience. We provide professional, inclusive guidance and resources throughout the entirety of your education abroad experience.

Students may work with multiple individuals and offices throughout the study abroad process. Below is the initial advising process recommended for all students.

Advising Process

Step One: Discuss Your Plans with Your Academic Advisor

As soon as you begin considering study abroad, discuss with your academic advisor it fits within your plan of study. Your academic advisor can answer questions about when to study abroad as it relates to your academic schedule.

Step Two: Schedule an Appointment with Your Study Abroad Office

After you have met with your academic advisor, schedule an advising appointment with your home college's study abroad office (or representative) to learn more about the process and select a program that meets your academic, professional or personal goals. Study abroad advisors can:

  • Explain how study abroad credits will fulfill academic requirements,
  • Provide in-depth knowledge about programs,
  • Privately address any specific questions or concerns you may have about studying abroad, and
  • Share information and resources to navigate the process.

Study Abroad Office

How to Schedule an Appointment

College of ACES

ACES Study Abroad

Schedule an Appointment

College of Applied Health Sciences

Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange (Stacy Billman)

Schedule an Appointment

College of Education

Office of International Programs

Schedule an Appointment

College of Fine and Applied Arts

Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange (Andy Hinnant)

Schedule an Appointment

College of LAS

LAS International Programs

Schedule an Appointment

College of Media

Media Study Abroad

Schedule an Appointment

Gies College of Business

Gies Global Programs

Schedule an Appointment

Grainger College of Engineering

International Programs in Engineering (IPENG)

Schedule an Appointment

School of Information Sciences

Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange (Joy Phaphouvaninh)

Schedule an Appointment

All Other Colleges

Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange

Stacy Billman

Schedule an Appointment


If you cannot keep your appointment, please provide advance notice.

Ongoing Advising

Students are highly encouraged to seek advising from both their academic advisor and study abroad advisor at multiple points throughout the study abroad process, including when navigating the course approval process:

  • You can earn major/minor, elective, and/or gen ed credit while abroad. Check each program's online brochure page in My Study Abroad to find a list of available courses on that program.
  • You will complete a course approval process to determine the credit equivalency for each course you take abroad.
  • Some programs may offer a vast course catalogue, where you can take courses in many disciplines, while others may focus on a specific discipline and will have a more limited course selection.