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Packing List

As you approach your departure date, review the packing list below and consider what you will need to bring abroad.

This packing list is for a typical semester abroad in a location with moderate weather. Make adjustments to this list based upon how long you will be abroad, your personal needs/preferences, the climate/weather of your host country, the culture of your host community, and the nature of your program. For example, if you will be completing an internship abroad, you may need to pack more professional/formal clothing. If you are studying abroad in a country with a cold climate, you may need to pack more weather gear. If you have questions about what to pack, contact your program advisor.

Packing Tips

  • Allow several days to consider what you need
  • Make copies of important documents (passport, credit cards, etc.) and pack it in your checked-bag in case items are lost or stolen
  • Pack neutral, layerable clothes to mix and match
  • Re-pack your bag several times
  • Visit the TSA website for airline regulations


  • Passport
  • Cash (enough American cash and currency of your host country for emergenies during your travel)
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Emergency contact list
  • Credit card/debit card
  • Health insurance card
  • ID (school, diver’s license, state ID, etc.)
  • Student visa and acceptance letter from host institution (if applicable)
  • Medications (enough for a few days - pack the rest in your checked back)
  • Vaccine card
  • Travel itinerary
  • Small hand sanitizer bottle


  • Headphones
  • E-reader/book/magazine
  • Spare outfit
  • Travel pillow
  • Travel-sized toiletries (for your travels - buy full-sized when you arrive)
  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Vaccine card
  • Proof of recent negative test (if applicable, check your airlines regulations)
  • Masks
  • Athletic sneakers (1)
  • Casual dresses (2-3)
  • Everyday comfortable shoes, boots, flats (3-4)
  • Flip-flops/slides (1)
  • Formal outfit (1)
  • Hat (1)
  • Inexpensive jewelry/watch
  • Jackets, including a weather-proof option (2)
  • Pajamas (3-4)
  • Pants, inluding jeans, leggings, slacks, etc. (4-5)
  • Shirts, including short-sleeve, long-sleeve, nice tees, tanks, etc. (8-10)
  • Skirts (1-2)
  • Sweaters (2-3)
  • Undergarments (bras, underwear, socks, etc.)
  • Workout clothes (1-2)
  • Cell phone
  • Chargers (laptop, phone, e-reader, etc.)
  • Flash drive
  • Laptop
  • Outlet adapters (1-2)
  • USB cable(s)

Consider purchasing optional insurance coverage for electronics. More information about optional insurance products can be found on the Safety Abroad website.

  • Contacts, solution, case, and/or glasses
  • Makeup
  • Miscellaneous toiletries that may be difficult to find in-country
  • Travel-sized toiletries for your first days in-country, then buy regular-sized toiletries after arrival
  • Toothbrush
  • Backpack
  • Compact umbrella
  • Gifts for your host family (if applicable)
  • Medications (arrange with your doctor and International Insurance)
  • Portable stain remover pen/wrinkle release spray

Items to Avoid Packing

  • Books
  • Clothes with Greek letters/athletic team logos
  • Overly casual clothes
  • Expensive jewelry
  • Food
  • Full-sized toiletries
  • Hair dryer/curling iron/straightener
  • Large electronics
  • Linens
  • Uncomfortable footwear
  • Illegal items in your host country
Download the Packing List (PDF)