Identity & Inclusion

Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange embraces global perspectives and cultivates distinct opportunities to grow our understanding of the diverse communities in which we live, study, and work. We seek to make international educational experiences available to every student. As such, we welcome and support students of every identity.

We recognize that different aspects of your identity may impact your study abroad experience and that the education abroad experience will differ for every student. Each student faces different barriers and unique challenges. Furthermore, how you identify in the United States may not be how you choose to identify abroad, and may not be how you are identified by your host culture. We encourage all students to reflect on the different aspects of their identity and consider how they may play a role in their study abroad experience.

First steps to understanding identity and inclusion in your host country:

Office of Inclusion & Intercultural Relations

The Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations (OIIR) provides transformative learning experiences that result in an appreciation for diversity and cross-cultural engagement.

Diversity Abroad Network

Diversity Abroad connects diverse and underrepresented students and graduates to international education and career opportunities that will prepare them for leadership in an interconnected world.

A Study Abroad Guide for Students Like Me

The Institute for Study Abroad at Butler University has compiled articles and commentary, mainly from a student perspective, about studying abroad and topics of diversity, including faith communities, first generation, LGBTQ+, race and ethnicity, and students with visible and non-visible disabilities.

GoAbroad’s Ebook Library has many articles with travel tips and tales from various student identity perspectives including LGBTQ, LatinX, and students with disabilities.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Your existing financial aid package may be applied to your study abroad costs. In addition, you may be eligible for a variety of scholarships from the University and external sources.

Share Your Story

If you had an impactful experience abroad that was influenced by aspects of your identity, feel free to share those experiences with us through the Student Perspectives Questionnaire in My Study Abroad. Responses to the questionnaire will remain anonymous, but may be shared on the online program pages for prospective study abroad students to read. If you would like to share your experiences with an IAGE staff member, contact your Education Abroad Coordinator or the Coordinator for Exchange and Student Initiatives.