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Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange

As the campus study abroad office, the mission of Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange is to offer students quality programs and comprehensive support throughout their education abroad experience. IAGE's vision is to foster intercultural competence and inspire global engagement for students by serving as an innovative and collaborative partner.

About Us

Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange (IAGE) facilitates education abroad programs in locations around the world. IAGE firmly believes that international education is transformative. Not only does it foster global competencies, but also allows students to enhance their skill-sets, broaden their perspectives, and gain a deeper understanding of their given fields. As the campus study abroad office, IAGE programs are open to students from all academic fields, backgrounds, and identities. IAGE seeks to be inclusive in their approach to study abroad and introduces students to a multi-faceted understanding of their disciplines and a broader set of tools with which to solve complex problems.

The IAGE portfolio includes: exchange programs, direct enroll programs, provider programs, customized short-term programs, and signature programs. IAGE also serves as a collaborative partner across campus, providing support and guidance to students, faculty, staff, partner institutions, and colleagues in the study abroad offices across campus. IAGE accomplishes this through their core services of Program Development, Program Management, Partner Relations, Business, Outreach and Marketing, and Systems.

Program Development

  • Provide expertise and resources in the development of education abroad programs
  • Partner with institutions to develop and facilitate education abroad opportunities
  • Align education abroad programs with academic goals, including working with campus units for clear articulation of credit
  • Conduct program assessments with an objective of continuous improvement

Program Management

  • Coordinate signature, exchange, direct enroll, and customized education abroad programs
  • Advise for and communicate with students on the entirety of the education abroad process
  • Develop and implement a variety of programming for students during all stages of their education abroad experience
  • Maximize safety abroad by actively collaborating with the Office of International Safety and Security

Partner Relations

  • Maintain collaborative links with partners through agreements that allow for student mobility
  • Support partnerships through communications management and coordinated visits


  • Post education abroad program fees to student accounts
  • Execute international financial transactions
  • Provide detailed program information to allow for the disbursement of federal financial aid

Outreach & Marketing

  • Collaborate with academic units to make education abroad an integral part of the curricula
  • Create a dynamic print and media presence to communicate the value of education abroad
  • Promote education abroad opportunities to the campus community through targeted outreach
  • Plan and implement the annual Illinois Abroad Day event in collaboration with campus education abroad partners


  • Maintaining application requirements
  • Providing system operations and training
  • Managing a variety of program offerings
  • Reporting unit and campus level data to internal and external stakeholders
  • Software licensing
  • Integrating data between education abroad software and university systems

The mission of the field of international education is to facilitate opportunities for students to develop global competencies. However, historic and current participation data reflects gaps in ensuring students of all backgrounds have access and support to study abroad. As international educators, IAGE is committed to removing those inequities while expanding access to global opportunities for all students as a means to social justice and equity. It is IAGE's responsibility to acknowledge that we are part of a system that was built on and has perpetuated inequality and exclusion. IAGE strives to ensure that programs with host communities around the world are mutually beneficial and sustainable, while acknowledging the patterns of access and privilege that may be perpetuated through education abroad.

In alignment with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange is committed to fostering an inclusive campus community, engaging in meaningful dialogue, training staff, and taking actionable steps to break down barriers to serve students from historically marginalized communities and underrepresented backgrounds within study abroad seen in the data set below.

participant demographic infomration for IAGE programs

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In order to make progress toward these goals, IAGE has identified the following key initiatives:

IAGE will measure success by tracking efforts in analyzing, identifying, and implementing procedural and programmatic changes, as well as engagements from stakeholders with IAGE resources, programs, and events.

Illinois International

IAGE is a unit of Illinois International. To support campus internationalization and global learning, Illinois International's units offer engaging programs, academic initiatives, and administrative services under the leadership of the Associate Chancellor and Vice Provost for Global Affairs & Strategies.