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Utilize My Study Abroad to view the virtual global experience offerings and find one that matches with your interests and goals. Please see the advising section on how to connect with an advisor to discuss your options.

All experiences within My Study Abroad have been approved by the university. Choose one of these programs to ensure that you can utilize your financial aid, apply for university-sponsored scholarships, maintain your student status, and receive the full support of the study abroad offices. Almost all virtual internships and projects are open to all majors!

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Experience Types

Virtual Internships

The university works with partners abroad to place students in a wide array of internships with global or international companies and organizations. In some programs, you may be placed with other students from our university and/or students from other institutions, to work jointly on an internship project.

The format of internships vary from program and type of organization or company that you may be placed with. While most internships are project-based, some may include research or case-study components for business development, data analysis, or market research purposes.

Virtual Projects

Similar to virtual internships, students can be placed to work on projects with specific goals with international organizations and companies around the world. The format of projects vary from program and type of organization or company.

Students can expect to engage in research-based and case-study types of projects. In these projects, students usually work in small teams or individually with a mentor to implement new aspects of their business. Although participants usually don’t have direct contact with customers of the business or organization, they actively contribute to the field of work and are able to gain experience working in strategic planning and organization.

Examples of previous and current research-based virtual experience include: creating an excel model based on company data to measure Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and performing market research to assist in international business expansions.