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The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is committed to providing high-quality advising and resources to all students. Our advising practices are grounded in the Forum Standards of Good Practice.

Advising is an important part in the process of choosing a virtual internship or project and preparing for the next steps ahead. As part of the application, all students are required to schedule an appointment with a virtual global experiences advisor. You can find the contact information for the advisor(s) managing the program in the “contacts” tab of the program brochure.

Preparing for your advising appointment

Students should expect to discuss their personal, academic, and career goals and interests. Additionally, students will be provided with more information about their program options and expectations for Virtual Global Experiences.

before your advising appointment, consider:

  • What are my personal, academic, and/or career goals?
  • What career paths am I interested in exploring?
  • Do I want to further develop my language skills in a professional setting?
  • Would I prefer to work on research-based projects or in an internship?
  • Time commitment:
    • What does my schedule look like?
    • How many credits am I anticipating taking?
    • Do I have any other obligations outside of my regular coursework?
    • Can I realistically commit the time required to participate in an internship or project?

post-appointment action items

  • Select a program and an alternative option (if needed) 
  • Draft your cover letter and resume and have it reviewed by the Career Center or an advisor
  • Submit your application by the deadline indicated on the brochure
  • Apply for scholarships (deadlines for scholarships often align with the VGE application deadline)
  • Request a mock interview with the Career Center