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After You've Been Accepted

After you have been accepted into your program, here are your next steps. You can also download a copy of the Pre-Departure Checklist (PDF).

Review the Budget for Your Program

After being accepted to a study abroad program, an official program budget is uploaded to your My Study Abroad account. The first two boxes of budget sheet will be billed to your student account. The third box is an estimate of out-of-pocket expenses you may incur while abroad, and may vary depending on your personal spending habits.

  • Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) will use the Official Program Budget to create your study abroad financial aid package. The Office of Student Financial Aid can explainhow your financial aid package applies to the cost of your program.
  • Review budgets carefully before committing to the program, and speak to your study abroad advisor about any concerns. Once you commit, you will be liable for the full program cost.
  • Email the program sponsor immediately if you need to withdraw from your program after committing. A $350 withdrawal fee and any non-refundable payments will be owed.
  • Billing to your student account will occur close to the start of your semester abroad, and due according to the university's tuition payment schedule.

Commit to Participating in the Program

Log in to your My Study Abroad account and submit your Confirmation of Participation (CoP). After acceptance into your program, a confirmation of participation (CoP) document will be uploaded into My Study Abroad. Print the CoP document, sign it at the bottom, scan it, and upload the completed CoP into the confirmation of participation questionnaire in My Study Abroad. You cannot participate in the program without submitting a signed CoP. If you fail to submit the CoP by the program commitment deadline, you may be withdrawn from the program.

Begin the Course Approval Process (if applicable)

After reviewing the courses offered at your institution abroad, consult with your academic advisor about which classes to choose. Check the Course Approval Database to see if any of your chosen courses already have a pre-approved equivalent. For courses that aren’t pre-approved, seek approval from departmental Study Abroad Course Advisors. Turn in the Course Approval Summary Form (PDF) to your college when complete.

Complete all Applicable Forms in My Study Abroad

You will need to login to "My Study Abroad" and complete all required forms before departure.

Review Host Country Information

We have developed country information pages with quick facts, language, visas, technology, money, climate, transportation, and more. These pages are applicable to all participants regardless of program sponsor. Review the info for your host country.

Review the Packing List

As you approach your departure date, review the packing list. This list provides general guidance for a typical semester abroad in a location with moderate weather.

Plan for Your Health and Wellness During Your Program

International Safety and Security supports all students, faculty, and staff when traveling internationally on university programs. Visit their website to learn more about the emergency contact resources, travel policies, international insurance, safety and wellness tips, and much more. Review the Safety Abroad website.

Consider Various Logistics

  • Make photocopies of your passport/visa, credit/debit cards, prescriptions, and flight itineraries to have on hand while abroad and email copies to yourself and a family member or friend.
  • Talk to your cell phone provider about your international travel and arrange for any upgrades. Be sure to discuss with family and friends how you will be communicating with them while abroad.
  • Label your luggage, inside and out, with your name and information.
  • Alert your bank of your international travel and arrange to have multiple forms of payment on hand while abroad.
  • Check flight requirements and applicable restrictions. For example: does your flight require proof of a negative COVID-19 test?
  • Consider purchasing optional insurance coverage for electronics. More information about optional insurance products can be found on the Safety Abroad website.

Check your Email Frequently

Remember, your college and host institution or provider will communicate with you directly regarding important updates and processes. Be sure to check your email frequently for any time sensitive information and deadlines.