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Study Abroad Orientation Course

As a part of your study abroad experience, you will be required to take a one credit study abroad orientation course (LAS 291/292).


The Study Abroad Orientation Course (LAS 291/292) is a three phase, one-credit hour course that all study abroad students are required to take in order to prepare your for your study abroad program, engage in active learning while abroad, and reflect upon your experiences after you return. Once you have committed to your study abroad program, you will be prompted to enroll in "LAS 291: Global Perspectives for Intercultural Learning." This zero-credit course, which is completed before your departure, will help prepare you for your study abroad experience. Once you have completed LAS 291, you will be automatically enrolled in "LAS 292: Global Perspectives in Cross-Cultural Contexts," which is worth one credit. LAS 292 covers the second and third phase of the course, which will be completed while you are abroad and when you return. LAS 291/292 is predominantly an online course, but will require a few in-person classes.

Benefits of the Course

  • Set goals and manage student expectations for your experience abroad
  • Offers cultural training and investigation
  • Trains you in intercultural communication
  • Enriches awareness, perspectives, knowledge, and skills
  • Provides opportunities to reflect upon and articulate experiences
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The Study Abroad Orientation Course is managed by the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, therefore all questions concerning the course should be directed to LAS International Programs.