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Utilize our online search to explore program options and find one that aligns with your interests and goals.

My Study Abroad

We use an online platform called “My Study Abroad” to house program information, applications, and communicate with you about deadlines and program requirements.

Program Search

Program Sponsors

All programs, regardless of sponsor, can be found in My Study Abroad. Each program title begins with an acronym that designates its sponsoring unit.

IAGE-sponsored Programs

Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange (IAGE) is the campus study abroad office. Our programs are open to students from all majors. In My Study Abroad, programs we administer begin with the acronym "IAGE."

College-sponsored Programs

Several colleges offer programs specific to their majors. In My Study Abroad, college programs begin with the acronym specific to their name (ACES, BUS, LAS, etc.). If that college has its own study abroad office, you will find their contact information on the College Study Abroad Offices page.

Approved Programs

All programs within My Study Abroad have been approved by the University. We strongly recommend choosing one of these program to ensure that you can utilize your financial aid, apply for Illinois-sponsored scholarships, maintain your Illinois student status, and receive the full support of the study abroad offices.

Program Types

Exchange programs involve the reciprocal exchange of students between Illinois and our partner institutions abroad.

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Direct Enroll programs refer to students from Illinois who enroll directly as non-degree seeking international students at our partner institutions abroad.

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Providers are organizations (colleges or universities, nonprofit organizations, for-profit businesses, or consortiums) that offer education abroad programs and services to students from a variety of institutions.

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Customized short-term programs are Illinois courses that are led and taught by either Illinois faculty or professional staff. Traditionally, these programs are brief in duration and take place during academic breaks.

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Our signature programs are constructed in close collaboration with an overseas institution. This allows us to help develop and customize the curriculum offered to our students. These programs also offer robust on-site support.

Signature Program with Gustolab International

Non-Approved Programs

With hundreds of approved programs, you should be able to find a program that aligns with your study abroad goals. It is strongly recommended that you choose an approved program, however, students have the option to petition to participate in a non-approved program.

Petition Process

If, after you have researched program options and spoken to an Education Abroad Coordinator, you still cannot find a program that aligns with your goals, you may petition to participate in a non-approved program. Approval to participate in said program is not guaranteed, particularly if that program is in a country under a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning. If your petition is approved, you will receive the full support of the study abroad offices.

Important note: The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has its own petition process; all LAS students should email for instructions.

Next steps to petition

Students must submit petition applications online by:

Important note: If you bypass the petition process, enroll, and participate in a non-approved program, then you will not maintain enrollment at Illinois, will have to forego any institutional, state, and/or federal financial aid that is disbursed through the Office of Student Financial Aid, and risk your courses and credits not transferring back as approved study abroad credits processed by the Office of the Registrar. Instead, transfer credit would need to be requested through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and they have the discretion to accept or deny these requests.